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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gratitude |

Today, I am incredibly grateful. A year ago today my little brother, Westan, fell seven feet onto an ice rink at our District Youth convention. He blacked out, and after a series of tests and questions was rushed by ambulance to a children's hospital. My parents stayed the night at the hospital and my sister and I stayed the night in our hotel room with my sister's best friend. The test results came back that my brother had a skull fracture and a brain bleed. He also lost hearing in his left ear for nearly a month. He had to stay in the hospital for two full days. For the next month he was bed ridden. He did not even touch his phone for several weeks, and slept 22 hours of the day. He rarely ate anything and lost ten pounds. I can't even begin to explain to you how upset I was. I was so afraid that that day might have been our last together. You never truly value the precious moments you have with your loved ones, until something threatens to take them away. The beautiful actress, Natasha Richardson died from the same injury my brother had. Today, Westan is completely healthy with not a trace that his accident ever occurred. He's grown four inches this year and has a beautiful girlfriend. His voice is still as phenomenal as it was prior to his accident. I know without a doubt that without the grace of God, today I would be visiting his grave site. If you haven't had an encounter with Jesus Christ or do not have a relationship with him, you haven't experienced the peace that you posses during a trying situation or circumstance. Although I was scared beyond belief, I truly had this sense of peace and hope that somehow everything would turn out alright. So I encourage you, develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, because it is only through him that you will experience peace, hope and a greater love than you've ever known. I know without a doubt that God healed my brother so that today I could share his phenomenal testimony with you. God bless and have a wonderful New Year. 


Nikki Marie 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Art of Bargaining ||

Recently, I've had several people inquire as to how I find such incredible deals! I'd just like to begin by stating that: bargaining is a serious art. Honestly. Two days ago I got an $80 Calvin Kline sequin skirt for ten bucks. Crazy right?! So here a list of tips to help you start off the new year saving some cash! 

1.) Shop at the right stores. I'm basically the bargain queen. I very rarely pay full price for anything. Except for Anthropologie, I will enter a store and head straight to the clearance section. However, I encourage you not to make an "impulse buy" and purchase something simply because its eighty percent off. So frequent those clearence racks! Also, walking around the store with a possible purchase on your arm will give you time to decide if you will actually end up wearing the item. A lot of people ask me where I purchase my skirts and how I get them for such good deals. So, below is a list of stores where I find the best deals on skirts, as well as dresses, shoes etc. 

-The Limited
-JC Penny (MNG collection) 
-Forever 21
-Kohls (Lauren Conrad Collection) 
-Lord and Tailor Outlet 
-Urban Outfitters 
-Aero (They have great graphic tees) 

2.) Thrift Shopping. Thrift shopping is fantastic. I love Goodwill, however, the closest one is over an hour away, so I have to go Sally's, if I thrift. I love getting brand name things for really good prices, it gives me this great sense of achievement. Haha. Plato's Closet is fantastic as well. A few weeks ago I got an embellished Express sweater, a Ralph Lauren sweater dress, a Banana Republic skirt, and a 
Loft sweater at Sally's for $19. (It also helps to befriend the elderly because then they offer you their  senior discount.) 

3.) The best brands. My favorite brands/ stores are Anthropologie and Mango (MNG). I am basically an Anthro addict. It's honestly the struggle. I always shop the clearence section, but I just love the atmosphere of that store. It's perfect. Their clothes are so well made, and (in my opinion) completely worth the clearence price. Mango is another brand that is extremely well made. Its a European company, which basically means the quality is wonderful. Europeans tend to focus more on quality that quantity. I have tons of Mango, I always shop on their clearence rack, and find the most wonderful deals. 

I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Christmas! I'll be posting a hair tutitorial on how I get my curls, as well as how to do one of my updos, so stay tuned! 

Nikki Marie 

Friday, December 6, 2013


My new specs finally came in! So the story starts with the fact that I'm basically blind without my contacts. When I first got glasses in fourth grade i said to my mother, "Mom, look! I can actually read the signs!". Basically, I had no idea that the world wasn't blurry. It was quite the revelation, I assure you. I got contacts In seventh grade. Without them I cannot see. It's simply impossible, I pretty much have to use a cane or navigate with sonar like a bat. However, for the past four years I haven't worn my glasses outside of my home, (even when my eyes were killing me). Recently, I decided it was about time to purchase some new specs. What I'm about to tell you will change your life....I got these glasses online for $25! If you're reading this, i'm convinced you must be absolutely shocked. There's this website called! It's completely phenomenal! So if for some reason you're like me and procrastinate in the glasses purchasing department, this will be the smartest decision you've made in a while. I hope you all have an spectacular weekend!