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Monday, March 10, 2014

I Think Myself Happy |

Initially, I decided to write this blog post because about a week ago, I felt this random sense of inspiration. Last week I had three different situations pop up unexpectedly, all of which I was quite upset about. One was particularly upsetting, and it took a few days for me to really get a handle on my emotions and truly forgive. Essentially, I felt like I was drowning emotionally; it really took me by surprise, and it definitely wasn't a good one. I'm what one might call a "type A" person: a perfectionist, always planning, worrying and preparing; however what I found was that I wasn't prepared at all for that situation and I discovered this sense of loss and uncertainty. Suddenly I wasn't in control, and I couldn't make this situation better or recover the trust that had been broken. The situation was irrevocable and I had an extremely difficult time forgiving. After much contemplation and prayer, I remembered something that my father told me years ago. He told me that forgiveness is what you do for yourself not for others." I think that forgiveness is an issue that truly effects our happiness, and holding on to something often robs us of our joy. 

In the book of acts Paul says, "I think myself happy". I feel like people say this and don't truly understand how profound this statement really is. Paul spoke these words after being locked in prison for two long years. King Aggripa finally asked Paul about the situation after Paul had been thrown in jail for preaching without so much as a trial. Yet, Paul utters the phrase, "I think myself happy". Why would Paul choose these words when we know how truly unjust his situation had been. Paul understood the profound concept that joy is a mindset. We have the ability to choose joy, and to choose a lifestyle that exudes joy and contentment. I realized that I could allow my situation to take control of me, or I could choose a lifestyle of joy. I could make happiness more than just a destination but a mindset. 

Sometimes, we get so caught up in what is happening in the moment, that we lose our joy. We don't find joy in the ordinary and the commonplace pleasures of life, but instead complain and find fault, and in that we lose who we truly are. It was never Christ's intention for the body of Christ to be disgruntled, joyless Christians. Am I saying that by following Jesus our lives will be perfect? Of course not. Happiness is not a destination; it is a mindset. Some of the happiest people do not have opulent wealth, or the ideal love life, or incredible career, but instead find joy in the ordinary, and in the trials that life throws at us. "Think yourself happy" today, because it makes all the difference.