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Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Curls Tutorial |

Over the course of the past two years, I've had numerous people ask my how I curl my hair. I get asked on Instagram, at church events and even at the grocery store! The follow up question is usually, "do you have extensions?". Which I always find hilarious. 

This is honestly the easiest hairstyle. My favorite thing about these types of curls is that they last forever. Leftover curls are my best friend. Seriously. 

The picture below shows the products that I use. They work incredibly well with this hairstyle. I use Revlon velvet, hot rollers. They come in a set of 20 rollers, and I purchased them for $20 at Walmart. 

Step one: I prefer to start with clean, freshly washed hair. I then brush it out. 

Step two: I then section my hair. I take a medium sized portion of hair and tease the roots. Don't tease all of your hair and then try to put the rollers in. Instead, tease a section, put the roller in and then continue: 

Step three: After you have teased your section (don't go crazy), put a dime sized squirt of mousse into your palm and then work it into that section. Then put in your roller. Instead of using clips to secure the roller, I use bobby pins, they work fabulously. Then simply continue the process until you have run out of hair and rollers. This entire process takes me anywhere between 12 - 18 minutes! 

Step four: Once the rollers have cooled (try to leave them in AT LEAST 15 minutes), simply take the rollers out. I normally separate the curls into two pieces. 

Step five: Take your fingers and gently pull your roots to give your hair great volume. Make sure you do this to your whole head, not just the front section of your hair. Then simply spray your hair with the hairspray shown above! I normally use a shine spray as well! It should end up looking like this!

I hope this tutorial helped! Once you get the hang out it, this hairstyle is a breeze! I've also had requests for up-do tutorials, so those will be coming very soon! I hope everyone is staying warm in this horrible frigid weather! 


Nikki Marie 

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