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Thursday, September 22, 2016

When God Remembers You

Upon reading the title of this post, you are probably instantly forming some sort of argument in your head that combats the nature of this post. Because God cannot forget humanity. It's impossible. You may indeed be correct. But, I suppose you'll have to read on to find out...

You have to admit there's something quite gripping about this title. Something that piques your interest. Don't worry, I'm not being narcissistic. I didn't write it. In fact, this  particular title is based directly off a scripture that has become more relevant to me in the past year than I'd like to admit.

This particular scripture made itself very apparent to me in a desert place, or perhaps more eloquently put - a stagnant place. A season of my life where nothing flourished, nothing seemed to prosper in any way shape or form. A season of waiting. For what? 
I asked myself that same question. 

Have you ever had so many questions that your questions have questions? 

Have you ever really inquired of God? 

I mean really truly inquired.

I think we often forget that inquiry periods last much longer than we realize. In scripture inquiry periods are lengthy. It's actually a bit frightening just how massive these periods of time are. David inquired for 8 years while he ran from Saul and hid in caves.
Eight years. That's extensive. Unbearable. Unimaginable. 

Joseph, the man who had great dreams and plans for his life, waited over 30 years for answers. Thirty years for his God given dream to be fulfilled. Thirty years of tests and trials where his character was shaped and altered and refined. 

And finally, we meet Hannah. The woman whose greatest dream was to have a child. A woman who watched, and longed and waited and inquired. The book of Samuel specifies that she waited years. 
Years of crying out to God. Years. 

I came across this scripture while rereading this story that I've read countless times. This particular portion of scripture never stirred anything in me until this point. 

It's interesting to note that scripture says Hannah and her husband went and worshipped in the beginning of verse 19. At the end of the same verse we find this phrase: and the Lord remembered her. (1 Samuel 1:19)

That statement is significant.
In fact, there will be a moment in your life where you will feel the weight of that statement. Because you'll have lived through a winter season of your life. A season where nothing prospers, nothing grows. You're just waiting. And most likely, you're not even sure just what it is that you're waiting for. 

I can honestly say that that portion of scripture became sort of an anthem for me. A promise even. You could probably argue that this portion of scripture was for Hannah specifically and doesn't apply to us. But I found that God "remembers" people several different times throughout scripture. 

"And God remembered Noah..." - Genesis 8:1

"God remembered Abraham..." - Genesis 19:29

"Then God remembered Rachel...." - Genesis 30:22

The word "remember" in Hebrew is Zakar. Zakar is translated in other verses throughout scripture as "think", "mention" or "record". 
Sometimes remembering involves more than mere thought. Perhaps when God "remembers" something shifts in the atmosphere. 

Maybe you've been inquiring of God. And I was there. I still am to a certain extent. 
But I've learned that seasons of inquiry build something deep within us. Seasons of inquiry build foundations of faith. Because the more uncertain one becomes, the more one probes for answers. Perhaps a season of inquiry is really a season of seeking in disguise. Could it be possible that God doesn't answer immediately simply to see how long and how far we will seek him. 

Confusion leads us to the cross.
It leads us back to the only One who holds all answers great and small. 

And then all at once I understood. 
Perhaps the term remember does not imply that God had forgotten, but rather that He chose in that very moment to move on our behalf. That perhaps our worship in the midst of our inquiry season prompts God to remember, to act, to intervene. 

Life isn't simple. It isn't one dimensional. It instead is complex and confusing and not at all what we deem it to be. 

But our season of inquiry breeds a lifestyle of worship. 

The name Samuel means heard by God. Did you know that? I didn't. 

That tells me that God not only remembered Hannah, but that she in turn remembered Him when her inquiry period finally came to an end. Samuel's name is a testament to that.

He heard ever word, every prayer, every inquiry she ever uttered. 

And so He hears you. 


  1. Absolutely incredible piece. First class job miss Arnold!

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Great post!

    To be honest with you, I feel as if I am in one of these waiting places that you speak of right now. It is certainly a trying time. But it is good to know that God remembers me, that He has not forgotten me.

    Your post as really ministered to me today, and I am glad to know that God still has something magnificent to do with my life in order to bring Him ultimate Glory.

    Thanks again for this, and may the Lord Bless you Richly- In Jesus Name!

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  4. I liked this post. This words talked with me. God bless you. Kisses from Brazil. <3